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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Old Bens UK

May 13 2006

I have received an email from someone who signs himself (I assume it is a male) MWijeya: he has asked for his email address to be withheld. It is a response to a comment by tyger. Here is tyger’s original comment followed by MWijeya’s response (with a little editing by me!).

tyger said...

Why are old bens in uk reluctant to join the old bens uk? come on chaps rally round the flag

MWijeya said….

Hey Kolla, who are you?

Is tyger LTTE? Is he in UK?

Tell him Old Bens UK is dead. Bring back Anton Olivelle and Melville Perera - I hope they are around.

Please don’t give my email to anyone


At 1:19 PM, Blogger valaliya said...

Old Bens in UK is not dead they go into hibernation after the annual dance. They cannot sort out their finances, that is the reason the Shepherdians disassociated themselves from the combined dance.


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