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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fancy contributing your knowledge to Wikipedia?

16 May 2006

Following bultoe's comment about the origins of Ja Mudukuwa I went to Wikipedia to see whether anyone had already provided an answer to this question. Apologies to those in the 'know' but for the rest "Wikipdeia" is a free online encyclopaedia that anyone can contribute to and/or update.

Sadly nothing was available. So click on the 'link' to Wikipedia that has been provided in the right hand column and let the world benefit from your knowledge.

Anyway, here is the list of places waiting recognition in Wikipedia:

Night Life In Colombo, Fort, Galle Face Green, Slave Island or Kompannaveediya , Colpetty or Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya, Havelock Town and Kirulapane South, Wellawatte, Pamankada and Kirulapane North, Cinnamon Gardens, Borella, Dematagoda, Maradana, Panchikawatte, Pettah, Hulftsdorp, Kotahena, Kochchikade, Grandpass, Mutwal, Modara, Mattakuliya, Madampitiya, etc.

The spellings are not mine and neither are any pronunciations based on them (because as George Abeydeera recently said "you knew a person was a Burgher in the old days if they referred to Maradana as 'Marandine'!).


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