Salad Days at St Benedict's College

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Welcome to Salad Days at St Benedict's College, Sri Lanka.

This blog has been created at the request of a few "Old Bens" of whom Maxie Gerreyn, Jerry Paranahetty, Henry Solomon, Sydney Xavier and Dugald Gonsal were the prime movers.

The blog, like its supporters, has no rigidly defined boundaries (in terms of content!) and will concentrate on all matters "Benedictine", as the fancy takes contributors.

Do participate and let your hair down!

Religio, Mores, Cultura!


At 5:20 PM, Blogger boiled_crab said...

Does anyone know how many Bro. Directors there have been since St Benedict's started?

At 3:54 PM, Blogger rospaang said...

There might be a problem with Bro. Anslem Calixtus' "The Story of St. Benedict's" as reported in the Centenary College Magazine.

According to this Bro. Christian was Director from 1898 to 1908 and Bro. Marcian was Director in 1906! This must be an error?

Does anyone what happened tp Philip House and why its name was changed?

At 4:57 AM, Blogger bulltoe said...

Hi Folks
I am Willie Bua, the 3rd. When I say third, I mean the grandson of the original Willie Bua. My grand papa repaired the soles and Father Martin blessed the souls of many Benedictines. My grand papa charged twenty five cents for a half sole and thirty five cents for a full sole. Father Martin gave three Hail Mary’s to save the soul. Grand papa had his shoe factory, well his shoe repair shop in the front veranda, of the house opposite “Darlington Gardens”. Remember! “ Darlington Gardens?”- The strip of land at the North end of the College grounds and 7th Lane, full of what we now call tenements. The only flower in this garden was Rachel La Faber, the only daughter of my grand papa’s best friend. I once wanted to marry her but I was only seven and she was twenty seven. She married young Holdenbottle, who looked very smart in his CGA (Ceylon Garrison Artillery) uniform. They had nine children who formed a popular band that performed at most funerals and weddings in Kotahena. The two old sots ( no disrespect but both were drunk most of the time, mosquito’s that stung them fell off intoxicated) were always guest artistes at functions because they were exponents of “kaffringha”. The late Bro. Farringdon was reported to have said that he learnt, “Rosa polla gennen balla maranda” from Willie Bua. Like Ronnie Corbett’s jokes I have strayed from the original purpose of this blog. How did Darlington Garden get its name?

I had heard of Darlington. The first passenger railway was between Darlington and Stockton-On-Tees operated by George Stephenson. For a long time I believed that the place was named after Lord Darlington. I was corrected in my error by a whiz kid who old me that Lord Darlington was a character invented by Oscar Wilde and appeared in “Lady Windermere’s Fan”.

Why is Ja Mudukuwa so called? In case you have forgotten, it is the little lane that you climbed from
Cathedral Square to the side entrance of the convent. I am told that the gate is now closed. The Sister
Superior had given up her unequal fight with those graffiti writers, who desecrated the convent walls
describing the virginal charms of the young ladies who attended her educational institute. Do you
remember any of the amusing school boy wit?

Why Galpottha Street? Or Chekku Street. Is it because at one time there were oil pressing machines driven
by bullocks? Or for that matter why New Chetty Street? Is it named after the Colombo Chetties? They were
recognised as a separate community in 1989. Of course we know the “Old Chetties”. According to
Dr.K.Dharmasena the chetties were a money lending, trading community. An immigrant race from South
India and is said to have occupied the whole street from Mutwal to Pettah. Staunch Hindus the chetties
formed ‘Nagarams’ (city corporations) based upon a Hindu Temple. Are there any Colombo Chettie
bloggers who can shed any light?

At 4:36 PM, Blogger tyger said...

Why are old bens uk reluctant to join the obauk? come on chaps rally round the flag

At 2:50 PM, Blogger valaliya said...

I am surprised that Mwijeya did not know that there are tigers of the striped variety in the OBUK of the Old Bens. One official has a photograph of the big tiger in his shop.

At 4:55 AM, Blogger Gultick said...


Were the OldBens up to their old tricks playing unregistered players at the FOC or was it playing a cricketer masqurading under another name - shame
not surprising with this kind of happenings that some OldBens keep away from the asso.


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